Dr. Steven Albert, DMD

Case Studies

Award winning dentist, entrepreneur, and investor.

The Challenge

Find ongoing opportunities to continue growing and developing as an entrepreneur

The Solution

Steve Albert

“I look at the opportunity as

much greater than any of the

fees that it took to join.”

Steve Albert doesn’t believe in resting on his laurels.

A high achiever since his dental school days, he’s received advanced training in surgical, restorative, and pediatric dentistry, as well as anesthesiology, orthodontics, and implantology. His passion for providing outstanding dental experiences to his community drives him to strive for excellence.  “When my relationship with Freedom Dental Partners began, I didn’t have an exit strategy. I was in building mode. My goal was to grow my own group as much as I could.”

It’s rewarding to build something for yourself, for your family, and for your partners.

A member since the earliest days of FDP, Dr. Albert has been around to witness every step of its evolution. He knew from the beginning Freedom Dental Partners offered opportunities unlike anything else on the market. Through his quest for continuous improvement, Dr. Albert had the opportunity to get to know both Avi Weisfogel and Brady Frank, DDS on an individual basis, prior to the establishment of Freedom Dental Partners. He was familiar with their acumen as educators and businessmen, so he was confident that their union would lead to even more incredible achievements.

“I had zero concerns about joining Freedom Dental Partners. I’m a glass half full guy, so I was looking at the opportunity rather than the perceived risk.” And what was that opportunity? The chance to join forces with like minded dentists to build something greater and different.

“I had been in masterminds and other groups before. But this one seemed different because there was such a large group of entrepreneurial dentists in it.” Dr. Albert felt excited about belonging to a group of high achievers who could learn and work together with guidance from Avi, Brady, and the Freedom Dental Partners experts, to pursue investments as a dentist owned and led platform.

Dr. Albert is no longer in the chair clinically, but he has grown his group from two practices to four. He’s also purchased an additional seven practices with partners he’s joined forces with since becoming a member of Freedom Dental Mastermind. Any opportunity that FDP has brought his way, he’s taken.

I have been surprised at how much opportunity there is out there as we learn together. There’s almost unlimited opportunity.

All of the Freedom Mastermind members can attest to Steve Albert’s work ethic and leadership ability.

He’s demonstrated his leadership ability time and again, acting as a pillar of support in the community. Once again, Dr. Albert has stepped up to the plate in partnership with other dentists to launch the Rising Tide Platform.

As one of the founders of Rising Tide Platform, Steve Albert has been an integral part of creating the vision that will carry it forward. He was attracted to the promise from the early days of FDP that he could create a pathway to prosperity for himself, his family, and the people who support his practices by joining with other dentists to become the DSO. Now he’s looking forward to executing the vision alongside his partners and doing his part to impact the industry in a positive way to support all the dentists who have dedicated their lives to this profession.


The Results

The Results

Achieved Greater Scalability

Discovered an exit strategy can be a gateway to build on a greater scale in partnership with like minded partners.

Doubled Practice Size

Doubled practice size and owns a stake in several others.