Dentist in office

We’re Committed to Keeping Dentistry in the Hands of Dentists.

Hungry private investors are pouring billions of dollars into dentistry and reshaping the industry for good. We’ve seen what happens firsthand when individual Dentists attempt to resist these changes on their own.

At Freedom Dental Partners, we’ve learned how to leverage the power of community by banding together to get the best deals that keep the needs of the Dentists in mind.

We’re on a mission to educate and equip you with options to sell your practice, expand your career path, and receive mentorship to become an investor with the power to shape the future of dentistry.


Our Team of Experts is Here For You.

Brady Frank

Founder / Visionary

Avi Weisfogel

Founder / Visionary


Heather Wallace

Chief Operating Officer


Steve Albert

Mastermind Chief Deal Analyzer

Korey Bartholomew

Vice President of Operations, Director of Freedom Management, Mastermind Program Director

Lucas Calcari

Director of Sales


Shelly Bridges

Vice President of Talent

Jason Hahn

Vice President of Marketing

Brian Eichenberger

Vice President of Communications


Amy Aligo

Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Britt Dellagatta

Vice President of Transitions