Our team is here to help you understand what your building is really worth and all your options for the sale, so that you can make the best decision for your bottom line.

It’s likely you’ve valued your building according to your accountant’s advice for the purpose of tax mitigation rather than its actual market value.

And that’s no surprise—few people understand the intricacies of commercial real estate unless they have experience in the industry.

But the amount you’ve decided to pay yourself for rent isn’t even close to the valuation a Private Equity company would place on your building.

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The valuation of commercial real estate depends on who the tenant is.


The strength and backing behind the lease drastically impacts the valuation of every building.


The production of your practice plays a major role in the valuation of your property.

Build Wealth With Your Dental Practice Transition

Leverage the power of selling together.

When you sell a commercial building, you have multiple options for attractive and lucrative returns.

Our preferred vehicle for helping our members sell their buildings is the REIT – real estate investment trusts – because it gives the highest upside potential.

When you sell your building through a REIT, not only do you receive cash from the initial sale, you receive stock dividends and tax-deferred growth for your money.

This sale option is only available to practices that have an LOI or are in the process of being purchased by a PE group.

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Expertise you can trust.

The brokers we work with are experts with experience in selling commercial dental and medical properties. They create power and community for our members through REIT portfolios.

When you sell as a group, everyone benefits from the additional arbitrage in the form of a higher valuation than you could obtain on your own.

We’ll work with you every step of the way so you can make the choices that bring you the greatest rewards.

Ready to get the maximum value for your building?

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